Tubing, Rafting, Kayaking, Paddling & Boat Rentals

Paddling, Tubing, Kayaking, Rafting and Boating excursions in the Adirondacks along the Hudson River outside Lake George in Lake Luzerne, NY.

Go for an adventure this summer on the hottest new water play toy to grace the river sun. A tracker tube paddle craft aka a Trac-yak Paddler is half kayak and half donut tube. This sleek vessel cuts a straight path with its triple fins as you stride down the river "doin' it on top." River ridin' says so many wonderful things about you and your friends on Instagram or Keek.

Trac-yak Paddling River Ridin' Trips:

Rafting RentalsSet your Trac-yak Paddler into Tiosaronda Bay and venture south river ridin' down the Hudson. Be sure to take plenty of pictures to capture your Huck Finn journey of adventure. Tow a cooler, pack a lunch, play with the water or just make it a relaxing family outing.

You will have two options:

  • Trac-yak for 2.5 miles to the State Boat Launch and Retrieval on the left. You will travel to the left of the river at all times and arrive at our first take out.
  • You may hang for an extra long lazy river ride with your friends by not paddling, grouping together and enjoying the scenic beauty. Trips longer than two hours will cost an additional $10 per hour for each Trac-Yak in your party.

You will be wearing boat shoes and life vests at all times for safety. Children should be in close contact with a parent at all times. Where can we get an App for that?

When you have reached your destination, call us on your smart phone and we will pick up your watercrafts and help you back to the base.

Tiosaronda Bay River Ridin' Rentals:

Paddle Board RentalsIf you would rather not go down the river, then have fun practicing your paddling skills in our big water play area. Iraquois Indian for "meeting of the waters," our Tiosaronda Bay offers several levels of water activity from extremely gentle to Lazy River.

Take a Trac-yak, kayak, pedal boat, rowboat, or stand up paddle board for your river ridin'. You will find several offshore sandbars to offer you a unique chance to explore natural habitat and fish.

Feel a little bolder, then take a trip across the Bay to Sunrise Beach, have some lunch and explore. When you paddle back check out the whitewater activities or Rockwell Waterfalls to highlight your trip.

Boat shoes recommended, life vests are required and your camera is a must for Facebook.

Off Property River Ridin' Rentals:

Have your own idea of where to go river ridin' and want to rent a Trac-yak paddler, single or double donut tube or SUP Board to check out Lake Luzerne and beyond, then we have these for you too.

There are many nice lazy river spots to explore in your tubes or trackers such as Buttermilk eight miles upriver. Rent a tube and vest for the day: $15...2/$25...4/$40

Drop off your driver's license or credit card, pick up gear and be on your way for the day. Just don't forget to "ty 'er down."

Boat shoes recommended and life vests required.

Boat & Jet Ski River Ridin' Rentals:

Pontoon Boat RentalsDon't really feel like getting wet, yet you want to do some river ridin' to check out the real estate and lay in the sun, fish or swim? Check out our 50 HP 21' Pontoon Party Boat the Suncruiser. Go slow and feel the freedom of being a Captain on the water with your family.

Want to go a little faster? We can put you on top of a Jet Ski for some fun. You will go to our Jet Ski school with written and demonstration tests and then be qualified to learn how to be a Jet Ski driver. Jet Ski RentalsYou will play out in the deep waters of the Bay under our watchful supervision at all times.

How about those fish? Well they are there! We can get you into a rowboat with a trolling motor, and let you go after the small mouth base, northern pike, catfish and brown trout. Any thing over 6 feet in length has to be reported to our staff.

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